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We are therefore Christ's ambassadors - 2 Corinthians 5:20   (NIV)

Thank you for visiting my web site.

My name is Peter Caro

Christians are Ambassadors for Jesus Christ.        (2 Corinthians 5:20)

The purpose of this website is to examine, to explore and to learn what is ambassadorship -what this particular phrase, "ambassador of Christ", is all about

In a world increasingly turning away from God, we as Christians, should be becoming better examples to everyone around us. We are ambassadors in a world foreign to God's ways of living. That is why I pray that this website would pave a highway and a a journey of sharing that will help us become more focused on our calling.

You can  contact me  with any ideas, suggestions or articles by emailing me at:  pete@ambassadorhighway.com.

Please link to my blog to get onto the highway.

Please know that my goal is not to force anyone to change his/her church, denomination or religious beliefs. My intent is not to deliberately offend. but to encourage fellow believers in God to continue growing in the knowledge and ways of Jesus Christ - to become good and excellent Ambassadors of Jesus Christ.